Volunteers helping from afar...

Weed - population 20 (or 60…depending if you believe this sign, or Wikipedia) - is a rancher community in the Sacramento Mountains in the southeast corner of New Mexico. In the higher elevations, it might snow in the winter months during the night, but by noon time all the snow is melted away and folks are out enjoying the crisp sunny skies. They have winter in Weed…but not like in Vermont.


Elaine and Michelle live in Weed, and when Elaine heard about Charter House from her brother Walter who is a volunteer, and how lots of guests – including families with little kids – spend the winter sleeping in the shelter, they put a notice in the local newsletter inviting people to knit some hats for our guests. They wrote:

“My brother lives in Middlebury, Vermont. It is an idyllic small town with a beautiful college and seems pretty prosperous. However, just like everywhere else in our wonderful country, there are folks there who aren’t doing well and who need help. Winters in Vermont are long and very cold. They need warm hats in all sizes and styles - for babies, kids, teens and adults. If you have extra yarn, let me know and I will come pick it up and use it to make more hats. Or maybe you want to make some hats.”

The response was fantastic!! Here is a picture of Elaine and Michelle getting ready to pack up dozens of hats up to ship to Vermont.

creators .png

And here are Louise and Jane unpacking the hats at Charter House, just in time for the onset of our cold winter season.

chc staff.png

It is so wonderful that we have so many great volunteers making the Charter House Coalition mission happen – but we can always use more. And isn’t it so cool that we now have super knitter volunteers from Weed, New Mexico who made dozens of really warm and beautiful hats in all sizes…even some for our smallest toddlers and infants!!

Way to go New Mexico!!