Charter House Coalition is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing basic food and housing in and around Middlebury, Vermont... and we need your help!

Who We Are

What makes for a caring and compassionate community?  Isn’t it where people feel valued, included, and respected?  We think so.

At Charter House Coalition you can find a roof over your head on a cold night, a warm meal any day of the week, a bus pass to get you where you need to go, boots on your feet, and much more.

How does this happen?  It happens because people have repeatedly said they receive more from the experience of being a part of Charter House Coalition than they give.  It’s true for guests.  It’s true for our volunteers.

In 2017 our volunteers served over 35,000 meals, grew 1.5 tons of food in our community gardens, housed 103 men, women, and children in our winter shelter and transitional housing programs.

60% of our funds come from this community through agencies, faith communities, individuals, and towns.  Over 990 people, students, retirees, and other community members volunteered in 2017.

There is room for you.  Please join us.

Photography courtesy of Emma Hampsten.

Life at Charter House

A guest:

Video courtesy of Jon Andrews.

A guest turned volunteer:

Video courtesy of Jon Andrews.

A staff member:


1 in 5

Households in Middlebury earn less than $17,500 annually.


Of Middlebury residents live below the poverty line.


Is the national poverty rate, a full 2% lower than Middlebury's.

Just a note to thank each and every one of you for all the help and caring you gave us during our time of need. Never before have I met such kindness in people. One day I hope to be the one helping out and showing how much I really appreciate all you did for us.
— Former Charter House Resident