About Us

Who We Are: Our "Elevator speech"

          What makes for a caring and compassionate community?  Isn’t it where people feel valued, included, and respected?  We think so.

          At Charter House Coalition you can find a roof over your head on a cold night, a warm meal any day of the week, a bus pass to get you where you need to go, boots on your feet, and much more.

          How does this happen?  It happens because people have repeatedly said they receive more from the experience of being a part of Charter House Coalition than they give.  It’s true for guests.  It’s true for our volunteers.

          Our volunteers serve up to 28,000 meals a year, grow 2 and a half tons of food in our community gardens, house 75 men, women, and children in our winter shelter and transitional housing programs.

          80% of our funds come from this community through agencies, faith communities, individuals, and towns.  970 people, students, retirees, and other community members volunteered in 2015.

There is room for you.  Please join us.


History and Statistics

Charter House Coalition was founded in 2005 in response to critical food and housing needs in Addison County. Our programs have expanded quickly since then. In 2014 we had a volunteer base of over 950 community members contributing 23,500 hours of service every year.  Our annual budget is approximately $185,000. We served 24,000 meals in 2014, and housed 79 adults and children.


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Charter House Coalition is run by an elected volunteer board of directors. The volunteer executive director is Doug Sinclair, and many other volunteers oversee different aspects of our programs. For a list of the program leaders, please see our Contact Us page.